Getting The Most Out of My Prize

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Last Wednesday at the inaugural ‘Blogger Crawl’ in Market Street – The Woodlands, turned out to be a very lucky night for me. I must admit I had no clue what I was actually going to, and although the rain slowed all the crawlers down, it turned out to be an awesome evening. Especially for me, because I won the grand prize. And what a prize it was. A $500 Market Street gift certificate was the raffle for participating in the blogger crawl, and my name was drawn. Now guys, I have never won anything, so I was completely shocked for a solid 24 hours. Not only shocked but totally stoked. The next day I thought about how I was going to use my gift certificate and decided I wanted to try and get the most out of my prize. As badly as I wanted to splurge on a fancy Michael Kors watch, I didn’t. With that being said, I purchased lots of goodies from stores such as Madewell, J.Crew, and Em & Lee.

Fall Accessories Madewell

I specifically said I wasn’t going to buy anything for Fall, however, I unintentionally transitioned into Fall with a few of my purchases for sure. I just couldn’t help myself. J.Crew had some classic pieces on sale that I walked away with that will sure be of use for the Fall weather. I went with a white blazer, that I think was tailored just for me because the fit could not be more perfect, and a blue jean jacket, that will be worn on repeat forever. 

Fall J Crew

Knowing that I had a shopping spree in my near future, I stopped by Lululemon the day before I went on my little spree to get some shopping attire. Shopping is classified as exercise, yes? Leave your purse at home because their ‘Inspire Tight II’ mesh pants have plenty of pockets to store credit cards, cash, i.d.’s and phones in. Proof that shopping is exercise, because I’m pretty sure these 7/8 pants from Lululemon were designed for shoppers. Why else would you need so many pockets all over your pants? Since Saturday called for little rain I figured the ‘Dash and Splash’ cap was necessary to protect my face from the harsh Texas sun rays. I loved everything about the pants and hat and will be back to Lululemon for more of their awesome pants.

Fall LululemonA few weeks ago I bought a pair of black strappy heels from Em & Lee that I couldn’t be more happy with, so I thought why not go in and see if they have another color. They didn’t have the exact same shoe in another color, but they did have a similar style in nude. If you have ever shopped at an Em & Lee store, or Willa store, you know that if you bring the reusable bag back they give you, you receive $5 off your purchase the next time. I didn’t happen have my bag with me but you better believe I put those shoes on hold and went home and got my bag! Like I said, I wanted to get the most out of my prize.

Fall Em & Lee

I spent quite a bit of time in Francesca’s, a store I have always been smitten with. I tried on dozens of outfits and it was so hard to choose what I really needed, and wanted. One really awesome thing about Francesca’s is they are always having a sale. I scooped up two tops that were buy 1, get 1 half off, and a pair of skinny jeans. If your a ‘the glass is half full’ kind of person, you could say I got 2 outfits. I can technically wear both tops with the one pair of jeans. I sense that I will be back soon, seeing as it felt like I tried on the whole store and loved everything. 

Fall Francescas

I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewelry, but I desperately needed some new gold rings. It just so happened that Madewell was the store for me in that department. I originally went in to try on and get some jeans and ended up falling in love with their jewelry. I knew I wanted a chunky gold ring, which they had, and I am a sucker for dainty pieces of jewelry, which they had the perfect dainty gold rings that came in a set of 3. 

Fall Madewell JewelryAs much as I tried to come in under the $500, I was $6.48 over. Not bad, right? And then, of course, the rain came just as we were all done but not yet safely back to the car. We ducked in Cru and thank goodness they have a late Saturday brunch menu and $10 carafe mimosa’s…whhaat! It was the perfect way to end the day. I can’t tell you how excited I am for next year’s blogger crawl. I know the chances are slim of me winning again, but meeting all my fellow blogger’s last Wednesday was everything, and will definitely be the sole reason I participate next year. Rain or shine. Thank you a million times to everyone with Market Street – The Woodlands for putting on such an awesome event!

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