It’s no secret that a white tee & blue jeans are the ultimate must-have basics. They go with pretty much everything, are easy to wear and look good on everyone, but sometimes you just want a little more…

I walked into J.Crew at Market Street-The Woodlands looking for something minimal and comfy but a little more chic & femenine than the usual tee & jeans combo. And after trying on what seemed like the entire store, I finally have a new take on basics!

Here’s three easy tips to upgrade your basics:

Look for details– I went for this cute white linen tank. The fringe detail on the hem, bust, and straps gives my outfit a more polished & feminine look. It’s still as comfy and fresh as a white tee would be but with a lot more character.

Pay attention to fit – I cant’t stress this enough! The fit of your jeans (or pants) will always make or brake your entire look. For the jeans I tried to go for a pair with minimal distress and a great fit for more of a classic touch. These are the ‘Toothpick’ fit and  they are seriously amazing!

Add a fun focal point– Although I do like to wear it once in a while, I’m not a huge fan of big jewelry so I kept it neutral with my bag & hat and finished it off with these adorable pom pom sandals which also served as the focal point. Definitely a new take on basics!

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to making your basics pop? I’d love to hear them!

All photos by Elisheva Golani



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DSC_2511 DSC_2517As always, I love that you stopped by! Thank you!

Xo, LEB♥