Time To Wine

Now, tell me. What is better than a glass of wine at the end of long day? The answer to that is a wine flight.

Enter: CRÚ.


I wouldn’t consider myself a wine connoisseur by any means, but it is my drink of choice. In fact, it’s the only ‘adult beverage’ I drink. White, red, rosé, you name it, and I probably am a fan. I know wine is an acquired taste, and I’ve certainly acquired that taste, in a big way. So, when I find a great wine bar, there’s fewer things that make me happier. And CRÚ is a really great wine bar, indeed.

cru market street

My friend and I decided to take the afternoon off recently, and we went over to CRÚ for some wine and pizza. There’s not really a better combination if you ask me. Because it’s summer and the Texas heat is a real thing, we thought nothing sounded more refreshing than rosé. Instead of us each getting a glass, we decided to get a flight. My favorite thing about CRÚ is absolutely their wine flights. It’s a genius concept really. Why have one type of wine when you can try three? So, we got wine flights and pizza, and we were happy girls.


What I love about CRÚ is that it’s not just a wine bar, but the food is really REALLY good. I’ve eaten there numerous times, and I’ve never had a bad experience. Their pizzas are my favorite, specifically the margarita pizza. It’s light, it’s delicious, and it’s the perfect complement to the wine.


I’ve been to CRÚ for date nights and girls nights out, and it’s always our go-to choice if we’re looking for wine. It’s especially fun while shopping and popping by in between stores (it also helps with the spending factor; wine makes it seem OK to purchase those black booties even though you already have 4 pairs at home).

And, with that, it’s time to wine.