trina-turk-by-the-pool trina-turk-summer-style

There’s no better way to beat the heat than by the pool, and there’s no better way to hang by the pool than in a super cute suit! I’ve never really been a huge fan of one pieces, much less vibrant ones like this one. But after having two children, the two piece had to be retired, at least for my own comfort haha.

I picked up this colorful little number at Trina Turk in Market Street The Woodlands a few weeks ago. Although I said I’ve never really been a fan of too much color, this one just stood out to me! It has a sunset print for crying out loud! I tried it on and was instantly sold. Not only because of the adorable print, but because it fit like a glove y’all. Plus it covers the stretch marks on the belly that once housed two little babes, and to this mama that’s always a game changer!

All photos by Ailee Petrovic



Obviously I couldn’t leave the store without these adorable pom pom sandals. Y’all it’s like a party on my feet! I must say that despite all the beads & pompoms they are actually one of the most comfy sandals I’ve EVER owned. I’m also obsessing over this pair and really thinking about ordering a pair, what do y’all think? Yes or yes? ?

I want to give a shout out to Lisa & Gabriela from Trina Turk at Market Street The Woodlands. They were beyond sweet and super helpful when I stopped by. You ladies rock!

trina-turk-colorful-onepiece trina-turk-straw-hat


And why is life so much more colorful now you ask? Well, for the past year or so I had been feeling super off, like nothing was ever enough. I was doing so good on the blog with page views, collaborations etc, and here at home I had everything I could ask for + more. But in my mind it wasn’t enough.

I was constantly doubting myself and feeling angry for not being where I thought I should be. I was blaming half the world for it and just feeling like sh**. It felt like the more I had, the emptier and unhappy I felt. I couldn’t figure out what it was until recently when I read this post. How she spoke about the peace in her heart made me realize that that’s exactly what I was seeking for. I knew I wasn’t going to get that anywhere else but from God himself. Suddenly my mind opened up and I knew what was missing and where that emptiness in my heart was coming from. I needed God! Plain and simple.

I made it a priority to seek God and get closer to Him. Lucky for me he had already begun his work in me and had placed a very special person in my life to help me get closer to him. In just a short time I have learned so much about his word and have met wonderful people who have inspired me and given me more than they’ll ever know.

Life truly feels a lot more colorful now because my heart is finally feeling full. Not with material things but with God’s love♥. And I think that is all starting to reflect in my mood and in the colors I choose to wear. Isn’t it crazy how the way we feel inside can change so much? From the way we see life to the way we dress.

trina-turk-summer trina-turk-swim trina-turk-swimsuit

Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend & go do something that makes you happy!

Xo, LEB♥