1252 Tapas

Market Street has become a favorite for the boys and I. We love driving out to The Woodlands and spending the day shopping, playing on the lawn & splash pad, and of course, grabbing a bite to eat.

On our most recent trip we stopped for a quick snack at 1252 Tapas Bar. Since the boys weren’t quite ready for a bigger meal we decided on their Truffle Patatas Fritas which translates to fried potatoes in english. E & M LOVE potatoes in any shape or form and devoured these in no time! I barely even had time to snap a picture, haha!


As hubby says, I’m borderline vegetarian and shy away from anything meat, so I got the Cucumber- Lime Ceviche. I’m also not a huge seafood person (I know what you’re thinking, what does this girl eat!) but surprisingly loved this! It was such a fresh little entree perfect for a hot summer day.


Hubby went for the Jalapeño Bacon Croquettes. These breaded jalapeños were THE BEST. I only took one, I promise! The avocado cream sauce is insane y’all. I would probably get this again just for the sauce;)


Definitely a place to try when you’re in Market Street. Such yummy food, great chill atmosphere, if you like more of a low-key vibe. And the staff is the sweetest. They all made sure we were well taken care of, chatted a bit & even took a picture with us! Thank you for having us 1252 Tapas! You guys rock♥



Thank you for stopping by!

If you’re ever in Market Street stop by 1252 Tapas Bar and tell them Lilly from Daily Craving sent ya;)