Getting The Most Out of My Prize


Last Wednesday at the inaugural ‘Blogger Crawl’ in Market Street – The Woodlands, turned out to be a very lucky night for me. I must admit I had no clue what I was actually going to, and although the rain slowed all the crawlers down, it turned out to be an awesome evening. Especially for me, because I won the grand prize. And what a prize it was. A $500 Market Street gift certificate was the raffle for participating in the blogger crawl, and my name was drawn. Now guys, I have never won anything, so I was completely shocked for a solid 24 hours. Not only shocked but totally stoked. The next day I thought about how I was going to use my gift certificate and decided I wanted to try and get the most out of my prize. As badly as I wanted to splurge on a fancy Michael Kors watch, I didn’t. With that being said, I purchased lots of goodies from stores such as Madewell, J.Crew, and Em & Lee.

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Hi guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and survived back to school last week if you had to go back! “Back to school” nearly did us in, but we are hopeful this coming week will be better! We had a slight dip in the temperature this weekend and I can’t help but think of fall outfits! Here’s a little fall outfit inspiration for you even if you live in a warmer climate!

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Time To Wine


Now, tell me. What is better than a glass of wine at the end of long day? The answer to that is a wine flight.

Enter: CRÚ.

I wouldn’t consider myself a wine connoisseur by any means, but it is my drink of choice. In fact, it’s the only ‘adult beverage’ I drink. White, red, rosé, you name it, and I probably am a fan. I know wine is an acquired taste, and I’ve certainly acquired that taste, in a big way. So, when I find a great wine bar, there’s fewer things that make me happier. And CRÚ is a really great wine bar, indeed.

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1252 Tapas


Market Street has become a favorite for the boys and I. We love driving out to The Woodlands and spending the day shopping, playing on the lawn & splash pad, and of course, grabbing a bite to eat.

On our most recent trip we stopped for a quick snack at 1252 Tapas Bar. Since the boys weren’t quite ready for a bigger meal we decided on their Truffle Patatas Fritas which translates to fried potatoes in english. E & M LOVE potatoes in any shape or form and devoured these in no time! I barely even had time to snap a picture, haha!

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